For various video work, (music videos, commercial editing, personal video projects, etc.) I charge $45/hr for shooting and editing.



Package 1:  Christian will shoot your ceremony and reception.

  •  6 hours of shooting
  •  3-4 minute video.
  • Christian chooses 1 song
  • Online viewing


Package 2:  (Traditional video)  Christian +1 will shoot bride and groom getting ready, ceremony, and reception.

  • Christian will bring second shooter
  • 9 hours of shooting
  • 5-7 minute video
  • Bride and groom choose 2 songs. (optional)
  • Online viewing
  • Thumb drive with wedding video


Package 3:  Christian +1 will shoot your entire wedding day.

  • Christian will bring second shooter
  • No time limit on shooting
  • 7-9 minute video with audio of key moments
  • Bride and Groom choose 2 songs (optional)
  • Online viewing
  • Thumb drive with wedding video plus raw footage video


*If you want raw footage of your entire ceremony, I charge an additional $300 to price. This requires an extra camera to record ceremony while I am filming shots for main video. This will be a single, still 4k shot of your entire ceremony from start to finish with audio of everything. 

*For weddings outside of the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area, $100 will be added to the price per day for travel and room costs.*